The food and drinks we consume play an important role in keeping our bodies, well-functioning, energised and alert. That is why it’s important to look at what you’re putting into your body and how you can be sure to be running at optimum performance. This is even more relevant during times of stress or exhaustion whether it be physically or mentally.   

Taking care of yourself by eating nutritious food can help you stay healthy and alert while performing risky or complex tasks, such as driving and operating a heavy vehicle or machinery.   

Eating regular meals from a variety of food groups ensures the body is getting the nutrients and energy it needs to maintain physical energy and mental alertness while driving.   

The food that we eat gets turned into sugar (glucose) which provides us with the energy to fuel our body. The type of food, nutritional value, quantity, and the timing of meals can affect how our bodies convert what we eat and drink into fuel for our body.   

Some foods provide short sharp bursts of energy and other foods give us a longer, slower increase in energy levels which helps fuel our body and brain. 

It’s important to be aware of the types of foods that can affect your fatigue levels, behaviour, reaction time and ability to process information.  Eating a variety of foods regularly ensures that the body is getting the nutrients and energy it needs to maintain physical energy and mental alertness whilst driving.   

Choosing the best fuel keeps your body performing at its best, providing you long-lasting energy to stay alert.  

Remember that some snacks, treats and meals such as a chocolate bar, pies or hot chips may result in high energy but have low nutritional value, and do not provide the long-lasting energy that our body needs to stay alert, especially when operating a vehicle.   

Invest in yourself. Making small, healthy changes every day can make a big difference over time.   

How will you fuel your body well for a healthy lifestyle?   

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Talk to your GP or health professional about healthy food options suitable for you.  For ideas to fuel your body, download our toolkit below.