Injury Matters 2021 WA State Election Priorities

January 28, 2021

In light of the upcoming WA State Election and in recognition of the WA Government’s role in reducing the incidence and impact of injury in WA, Injury Matters recently released it’s 2021 WA State Election Priorities and welcome action towards a safer WA. This document outlines five key areas that the incoming WA Government must act on to reduce the cost of injury in WA and the impact on the WA community.

Injury Matters seeks the following commitments from the WA political parties:

  1. Increased, long-term investment in injury prevention and recovery. 
  2. Introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol.  
  3. Development of a guiding strategy for preventing falls in WA. 
  4. Development of a mandated referral pathway enabling automatic referrals for post-crash support after a serious road traffic incident.
  5. Amend firearms legislation to ensure WA complies with all commitments of the National Firearms Agreement 2017. 

In the lead up to the 2021 WA State Election, Injury Matters encourages the broader WA injury prevention sector to help spread the word about the importance of committed action and investment in injury prevention and recovery in WA by writing to your local MP or sharing content via your social media platforms.

Additionally you can join Injury Matters at the WA Public Health Pre-Election Forum on Wednesday 3rd February, to hear from Politicians and Candidates from the major political parties about their public health policies. To RSVP to the Forum click here.

Click here to access Injury Matters 2021 WA State Election Priorities.