The Mental and Physical Safety (MaPS) on Our Roads project is the first of its kind in Australia and proposes to deliver an innovative mental and physical safety program specifically targeting heavy vehicle operators.

The MaPS on Our Roads project is funded as part of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI), administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator on behalf of the Commonwealth Government. The HVSI provides funding to support projects that deliver tangible improvements to heavy vehicle safety in Australia.

The first critical stage of the project was to consult with heavy vehicle drivers and industry to gain further understanding of current impacts on mental and physical, health and safety for those working on our roads.

Our consultations confirmed that heavy vehicle operators are often the first to come across the scene of a road crash. Being first on scene, providing assistance, witnessing, being involved in or causing a crash, can have a traumatic and long-lasting impact on those directly and indirectly involved, including family, friends and work colleagues.

Heavy vehicle operators are a valued contributor to our society. Given the distances travelled on our expansive road network in WA, coupled with an older workforce, addressing the physical safety and mental health among heavy vehicle operators is vital to help keep this industry safe on our roads.

The MaPS on Our Roads project is funded as part of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI), administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator on behalf of the Commonwealth Government.