MEDIA RELEASE | Talking Trucks: Fuel Your Body Like You Fuel Your Truck

April 1, 2021

Injury Matters has launched the second truck safety campaign for MaPS on our Roads, the latest program dedicated to improving the physical and mental safety of heavy vehicle operators across WA.

The Your MaP to a Healthy Lifestyle: Fuel Your Body campaign aims to increase awareness of heavy vehicle operators of the effects of nutrition, medication and other drugs on their mental and physical safety while driving. 

Injury Matters Recovery Support Manager, Christine Smith said, “As an aging population truck drivers have a higher risk of work-related injuries and disease. The impact of good nutrition and well-managed medicine use can make all the difference to the wellbeing of our hardest workers.”

Both medication and food can impact a driver’s alertness, vision and concentration behind the wheel. A range of factors can influence the eating behaviours of heavy vehicle operators, including irregular mealtimes, eating while driving, excessive caffeine intake and limited access to healthy food options.

Meanwhile, medication side effects can influence cognition, including reduce mental alertness, slow the central nervous system, blur vision, cause dizziness and reduce coordination. This combination can put drivers at risk.

MaPS on our Roads provides information, tips, and resources for both heavy vehicle operators and the companies that employ them to enable them to make healthy choices at work.

Ms Smith continued, “Healthy drivers are safer drivers. Life on the road can be tough on the physical health of drivers and focusing on what small changes can benefit their body in the long term is vital to keep this industry healthy and to keep them moving,”

“As we get older, the way our body processes food, drinks and medications can change. We can start to experience side effects from medications, which we never previously experienced. These side effects can increase the more medications you take.”

“It’s important to understand the medications you take and how they may disrupt your ability to keep safe on the road”

“Medications include prescriptions, over the counter from pharmacies and health food stores, including herbal products. It’s important to talk to your pharmacist or GP about potential side effects of your medications,” she said.

Program resources and information is available at The MaPS on our Roads project is funded as part of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator on behalf of the Commonwealth Government.

Injury Matters is committed to collaborating and listening to those within the heavy vehicle industry. If you or someone you know is working or has worked in the industry, contact us on 6166 7688 or email [email protected]


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