Program Evaluation: How to demonstrate the impact of your program

May 3, 2018



Would you like to effectively show the impact of your health promotion or community program? Would you like access to training you often find your city colleagues attending? 

 Effective evaluation will help you show the impact your program has on your target group and inform future strategies. It can also help show the value of your program to funders and help you to build evidence to attract future funding. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to design appropriate evaluation methods and give you the opportunity to develop an evaluation plan for current/future projects. The workshop content will include:

  • Collecting and analysing localised data to set priorities;
  • Understanding the differences between process, impact and outcome evaluation;
  • Writing effective program goals and objectives;
  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data;
  • Developing surveys and other evaluation measures;
  • Accessing pre-existing and validated evaluation tools;
  • Considering ethics in evaluation and;
  • Interpreting your results for a variety of audiences.