Spotlight: South West Aboriginal Medical Service, Barang Koorliny Program

May 17, 2021

The 2021 Injury Matters Outstanding Achievement in Injury Prevention or Recovery Support Within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities Award winner was the South West Aboriginal Medical Service’s Barang Koorliny Program.  

Barang Koorliny, which means ‘Get Moving,’ was developed and delivered by the South West Aboriginal Medical Service as a series of workshops, to educate local Aboriginal people on the importance of strength, balance and physical activity to prevent falls.  

Injury Matters’ Sandy Lukjanowski (L) and David Beattie (R) with the SWAMS team.

SWAMS achieves fantastic outcomes through their work for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, by providing healthcare, health information and a range of other services that complement a holistic approach to health. 

Barang Koorliny is an exemplary example of how the team at SWAMS support the health of the local community through primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention methods. 

The program was delivered by a multidisciplinary team, including local health promotion professionals, podiatrists, and exercise physiologists, to increase awareness of local services and reinforce that falls are preventable. Importantly, Barang Koorliny was developed in consultation with local Elder groups and guided by evidence from existing programs that are attended by the target demographic.