Spotlight: The Kwinana Falls Prevention Project

May 24, 2021

In acknowledgement of the significant contribution that WA Local Governments can make to preventing injury and promoting safety within their communities, the 2021 Injury Mattes Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion Awards included an Award dedicated to Local Government initiatives.

The winner of the Outstanding Achievement by a Local Government in Injury Prevention or Recovery Support Award was the City of Kwinana and the South Metropolitan Health Service’s Kwinana Falls Prevention Project.  

The Kwinana Falls Prevention Project was a collaborative project facilitated by the City of Kwinana and South Metropolitan Health Service in 2020 and is an example of the positive impact that a grassroots program can have for local community members.  

David Beattie (Injury Matters), Callum Prior (City of Kwinana), Peter Erceg (South Metro Health Service), Jessie Burke (City of Kwinana), Haylee Bullock (South Metro Health Service), and Sandy Lukjanowski (Injury Matters).

Falls are the leading injury-related cause of hospitalisation in City of Kwinana residents aged 45 years and over, highlighting the importance of this project which aimed to increase older adult’s knowledge and awareness of falls prevention strategies.  

The project involved a series of workshops that focused on the modifiable risk factors to prevent falls, including medication management, strength and balance exercises and healthy nutrition. Supported by local health professionals and services, the project was well-received, with participants reporting increased knowledge of risk factors for falls and confidence to complete falls prevention behaviours.  

It is great to see the leadership that South Metropolitan Health has taken in working alongside their Local Governments to prioritise injury prevention.

Congratulations to the Kwinana Falls Prevention project team on winning this year’s Outstanding Achievement by a Local Government in Injury Prevention or Recovery Support Award.