Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia lets regional and remote WA know that help is out there for those in need

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia joined the Road Trauma Support team in Bunbury on Thursday May 9 for a specially tailored grief trauma and loss workshop for emergency services personnel in the region.

The day long session was designed to assist those on the front line both professionally and personally to support themselves and others when dealing with grief and trauma.

Mr Papalia introduced the session and spoke of his own experence as a police officer working in the field and the challenges that emergency services personnel face every day. To read more click here.

Getting your message across on television and radio

Are you looking for help in dealing with the media, presenting for an interview without struggling to get your message out there or identifying what constitutes a good story angle?

Getting your message heard is one of the key cornerstones of advocacy and furthering your cause. Television and radio interviews are a highly effective and inexpensive way of getting your message across and can be planned or they may to opportunistic responding to the events of the day.

Being able to ‘sing your song’ and have your message properly understoood and shared is therefore imperative.

This hands on one day workshop is a unique opportunity for key members of staff to learn some insider tricks of the trade from some of WA’s most experienced media figures. See the attached flyer for further information. For registration details click here.